Micro Data Center Solutions by US Rack Distributors

US Rack Distributors partners with Minuteman Power Technologies

US Rack Distributors and Minuteman Power Technologies have teamed up to provide you the best, smartest, and cost-efficient soundproof Micro Data Center solution on the market. Our Micro Data Center solutions will provide customers with a cost-effective and mobile infrastructure for a safe, secure, and fast deployment of the physical layer into any space or environment.


Quietly Powering your Network

Customizing single-unit Micro Data Center solutions only makes sense if you have the right back up power and power management to support your mission-critical devices. Each pre-configured solution will feature:

  • Physical Rack Enclosure
  • Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Smart Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

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RPM 1581HVN Icon

Industries best suited for this solution

  • Mixed-Use Office Space
    • "Open" concept working environments
  • k-12 and Higher Education
    • School Campus, Classrooms, and Computer Laboratories
  • Audio/Visual
    • Post Production
    • Gaming
  • Military/Aerospace
    • Flight simulation facilities
    • Remote military bases
  • Government
    • Centralized Local Government's with limited budgets
  • Financial
    • Banking Institutions
    • Federal Reserve
    • Farmer's Insurance
  • Healthcare
    • Private Practice
    • Hospitals
    • Research and Development Laboratories
  • Retail
    • National Retail chain's with multiple locations

Next Steps...

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