UCoustic™ 9210i Edge Series

The UCoustic™ 9210i Edge series soundproof acoustic rack is a superior range of sound reducing enclosures that provides the highest combination of noise reduction and air-cooled thermal performance. The UCoustic™ 9210i Edge is a viable alternative to a costly dedicated IT room, by allowing the deployment of network equipment directly in the office environment.


The AcoustiQuiet™  acoustic cabinet integrates acoustic material into the manufacturing process and traps and absorbs undesirable noise frequencies while still allowing free air movement and heat exchange within your environment.

Acousti Quiet Mini

The AcoustiQuiet™ Mini cabinet provides sound reducing effectiveness in a 9u or 12u sized enclosure.  Ideal for storage under a workstation or where space may be limited.

Must haves

Accessories such as Blanking Panels, Heat Venting Kits and Cable Management Trays are necessary items to not only provide a professional looking installation, but to help facilitate the air flow to maximize the efficiency of the enclosure.  Go to our Accessories Page to learn more.