Today's networking environment is driven by the speed and versatility of the equipment powering the applications in daily use. The processing power required continues to increase as does the fans used to cool them. As a result, the noise levels of many networks is on the rise and if you work next to them, you know the annoying distraction does too.

While there are unlimited environments for which an acoustic cabinet can be used, below are some more common examples where selecting the right acoustic cabinet can greatly improve your working environment.



Mixed-Use Office Space

Many "Open" concept offices provide the flexibility to change as the business grows.  The inclusion of a Acoustic Network Enclosure can be a welcome addition to that office plan, while providing the business with a secure and reliable home for its network.  These cabinets blend into the office or conference room environment seamlessly and can be relocated quickly to accommodate the network demands of the business.


Classrooms & Computer Labs

Education institutions are aggressively modernizing their classrooms and computer laboratories to include networking equipment designed for multiple users and standardized testing applications.  Acoustic Server Enclosures are an ideal solution to address the disruptive noise in the classroom environment, allowing instructors to be heard clearly and the students to focus on the subject matter.

Acoustic Network Enclosures provide the flexibility and portability for a classroom and/or computer lab to change as required by the institution.  Want to share the network equipment between classrooms?  These enclosures are mobile homes for your network to allow for unlimited configurations and situations.


Medical Offices

As the medical industry increases its use of digital document storage and networking with other health care resources, the need for a strong and reliable network is paramount.  Most medical facilities do not have the space to allocate as a dedicated network room, so an Acoustic Network Enclosure can be the perfect solution.  Utilized as another piece of office furniture, the Acoustic Network Enclosure can provide the reduced noise levels found in most network rooms, while providing the security feature that comply with HIPAA privacy regulations.


Things to consider

When planning for the traditional build out of a network room, be sure to factor in the up-front construction costs and ongoing operational/maintenance costs and compare them to a Acoustic Network Enclosure.

The deployment of a Acoustic Network Enclosure as your "Data Center in a Box" may prove to be a more cost-effective way to set up your network and allow you to focus on what drives your business.

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