Micro Data Centers: The Smart Physical Layer for future IT Deployments

Micro Data Centers create the perfect, mobile habitat to deploy and protect your network anywhere, at any time

The rapid emergence of the internet of things (IoT) devices and sensors is escalating demand for efficient streamlining of information. With more and more connected devices being used to record and communicate critical information, reliability and ability to quickly process, store and distribute data back and forth has become paramount. The traditional Data Center and Cloud Computing model is being exposed in its inability to handle the growing volume of connected devices and the data being produced on a massive scale. 

Although Cloud Computing continues to offer an efficient, off-premise platform for storage and computing power, it is simply not capable to deliver the bandwidth necessary to process and distribute the data generated by these IoT devices. Whether your organization has 1,000 employees or 10 employees, the reality is that more and more devices are being connected, which is creating networking challenges. 

Three core issues inherently exist for the centralized network infrastructure and IoT devices- latency, efficiency, and scale. While building more data centers makes sense, the expense and build cycle can be too much or too long for most organizations. Increase cloud computing capabilities? Again, you still face potential latency issues and processing hurdles for time-sensitive data. 

Understanding the current limitation of the IT architecture, a movement to improve the overall computing power has taken place: Edge Computing. This platform is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure, adding a new layer to your computing ecosystem. Being closer to your devices, Edge Computing provides an extension for the Cloud, successfully and securely improving local data processing to deliver critical data in real-time for mission-critical or time-sensitive applications. By bringing and maintaining your processing capacity locally, you eliminate and address any potential downtime or unforeseen latency issues for your connected devices. 

Deliver Your Network On-site

So, you want to bring the network on premise, but you don’t have the right dedicated space or room for your IT deployment? Micro Data Centers (MDC) are designed to be a single-unit physical infrastructure solution to safely and securely deploy your IT equipment, no matter the environment. This allows for a simplistic and efficient approach to scale any on-premise network project, without the costly commitment to build, maintain and run a dedicated IT server room or closet. MDC solutions are designed to be flexible and customizable, which come fully equipped with a backup power supply (Uninterruptible Power Supply), smart power distribution unit (PDU), and environmental monitoring, ensuring your IT deployment is fully protected and always on. 

This cost-efficient, single enclosure approach provides the right physical IT layer to bring the network closer into key environments, such as medical offices or hospitals where physicians are using tablets to input critical patient information. Other environments who are experiencing a growing demand for improved IT infrastructures are small-to-medium organizations, military facilities, federal, state and local government, education, post-production facilities and financial institutions.

So, how do you know if an MDC is a right fit for your organization? Below, you will find three basic factors to consider when deciding whether or not this solution is right for your organization.

Tight IT budget

Building a dedicated data center/server room can be costly. Micro Data Centers allow for a rapid deployment that is fast, easy and cost-effective, allowing you to bring the physical layer of IT systems closer to you, without the expensive price tag of a traditional data center.

Limited Real Estate

Let’s face it, when it comes to space, we tend to run out of it quicker than we realize. Undoubtedly, having an on-premise data center is helpful when it comes to your networking needs, but the reality is it requires a big chunk of your valuable office space. If you have a limited footprint, or the inability to expand your current infrastructure, then deploying a single-unit solution with a complete network infrastructure inside a secured rack enclosure, is the way to go! 


In today’s world, organizations go beyond one central location. Maybe your company has multiple remote sites, where some form of physical network infrastructure may be required to meet these growing demands. It’s no surprise that the recent industry trend has led to a shift of a decentralized, more hybrid computing ecosystem, creating demand for a mobile, safe and secure deployment of this infrastructure. Having the right IT enclosure to deploy these “Data Centers in a box” is crucial.

Some additional factors to consider, when potentially deploying a Micro Data Center solution:

  1. Noise created by the network devices
  2. Heat generated by the network devices
  3. Manageability of these network devices

Having the Right IT enclosure that can provide the best in noise attenuation, heat load removal, and network management, is crucial to your overall Micro Data Center deployment. 

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