IoT (Internet of Things) and Edge Computing lead Evolution of HIT Infrastructure

Digital transformation in healthcare is leading to a new HIT infrastructure

By Daniel Barrera

2018 is shaping up to be a strong year for IoT and Edge computing. Healthcare organizations continue to explore evolving technologies that can aid in providing clinicians and patients critical information in a faster and secure fashion. 

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Digitization of healthcare information is driving to engage patients to be proactive with their personal care. Wearable devices and smartphones are now being used to deliver information to the patient, with apps being developed by most healthcare organizations and healthcare providers for patients to communicate their information back to the network. 

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Edge computing provides healthcare organizations the ability to develop a decentralized strategy and act as an extension to existing campus networks, data center infrastructures, or the cloud. With edge computing, you can start to successfully process critical data onsite, with the ability to still send critical information for long term data analysis and storage.  

Deploying the Edge to any HIT Environment

How you deploy the Edge should be part of your IT infrastructure strategy. Many small hospitals, private practices, care now and urgent care type facilities will not have the existing footprint or dedicated server room or IT closet to place these networking devices. Having the right soundproof IT rack enclosure can assist and provide a rapid, safe and secure option to deploy your HIT infrastructure no matter the working environment. US Rack Distributors provides a range of quiet enclosures to make your IT deployment an easy, safe and secure process. 

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