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January Top IT Trends

Cloud to the Edge
Although cloud computing continues to grow, the reality is that information processing and content collection delivery is increasingly needed to be placed closer to the source creating and processing this data. Edge computing aims to resolve connectivity and latency issues, increasing the bandwidth to allow connected devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, etc.) to efficiently and effectively provide time-sensitive information.

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Micro or Mini Data Centers
Edge computing is changing the way you can process and store critical and time-sensitive information closer to the source. However, being able to deploy this solution requires a more mobile approach, without the necessary parts and components that you typically build for a traditional data center, hyperscale data center or even a dedicated server/IT room. Providing a flexible, mobile and secure physical layer is still required, to mimic what you would typically get from a traditional IT infrastructure.

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Internet of Things will continue to evolve, as many cities are looking to become more “smart” to support the increase of connected devices by consumers and organizations. Many new infrastructures are starting to appear to support IoT, such as converged, hyper-converged and edge computing, to name a few. Hospitals, Schools, and Government facilities will highly depend on IoT devices to produce, deliver and consume time-sensitive information.

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Need a Micro Data Center Solution?

US Rack Distributors provides the world’s best and smartest soundproof rack enclosure to handle Edge Computing, Converged and Hyper-Converged infrastructures. The UCoustic™ 9210i EDGE delivers a physical layer that closely mimics what you would find in a data center, but allows for single enclosure deployments into remote locations or environments with limited real estate. Additionally, our Micro Data Center solution does not require adding specialized, expensive and power-hungry hardware. US Rack Distributors drives to provide you with a solution that is flexible, mobile, safe and secure to allow for a successful and rapid IT deployment.

Top Features/Benefits

  • Noise Attenuation- up to 31dB (allows for organizations to safely deploy their networking and communication devices into any environment without violating OSHA, State or local laws for noise. Learn more)
  • Thermal Dissipation- up to 12kW of heat load removal without additional cooling hardware required
  • Secure- Locking side panels and doors to avoid unauthorized access to your cabinet (Contact Us to learn about additional security features)
  • Environmental Monitoring- Every UCoustic™ 9210i EDGE comes standard with the UMS (UTelligent Management Systems) allowing for remote access, monitoring and device and/or sensor management of the cabinet (monitoring includes temperature, power, EC fan speeds or even security)

Powering your Network

Mission critical devices need to be operational at all times. Organizations cannot afford any downtime from their networking and communication devices. US Rack Distributors will start offering Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and smart-PDU’s (Remote Power Managers) so you have a full Micro Data Center Solution. Deploying single unit solutions requires the right backup power. US Rack Distributors will offer an easy, pre-fabricated solution so all you worry about is populating your IT devices for a quick and easy deployment. 

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